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About Us

Since our establishment in 1947, our resolute commitment has been to redefine the landscape of hair care through the creation of exceptional, long-lasting brushes. With a legacy spanning decades, our role in shaping the industry and establishing new benchmarks remains pivotal. As an emblem of our dedication to superior grooming tools, our brand, under the auspices of Pasteur Pharmacy, stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

From our modest beginnings as a small artisanal workshop, our clear vision was to forge brushes that transcended individual needs, excelling in attributes such as durability, functionality, and style.

Over time, our unwavering dedication to innovation has driven us to develop a diverse array of brushes tailored to accommodate various hair types and styling preferences. Our team of experts consistently refined our designs, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technologies with the enduring craftsmanship that has been the cornerstone of our identity.

In tandem with the evolution of hair care trends and the ever-changing needs of our esteemed clientele, we have evolved across eras, refining our brushes to resonate harmoniously with our core values. These brushes have graced households worldwide, earning accolades from stylists, celebrities, and professionals alike. Their unwavering quality stands as a testament to their reliability, enduring the test of time and becoming a cherished tool passed down through generations.

Today, as we mark over 70 years, we continue the rich legacy established by our pioneering artisans, upholding the pillars of quality, longevity, and elegance. Our brushes endure as a symbol of trust, resonating strongly within the realm of hair care.

From our modest origins to our role as an industry leader, our commitment remains steadfast in the crafting of enduring brushes that enrich not only hair but also the tapestry of history, uniting generations through their timeless allure. In the intricate landscape of brush applications, the selection of raw materials is of paramount significance. Whether it's the tactile warmth of wood, the versatile utility of plastic, the organic charm of natural bristles, or the innovative capacity of synthetic fibers, our choices are guided by a profound depth of specialized knowledge. Whenever circumstances permit, we embrace materials of natural origin, aligning our selections with our steadfast devotion to sustainable practices.


In an era of rapid evolution, creativity and adaptability stand as prerequisites. This applies not only to the fluid demands of the market but also to the methodologies of production. In a landscape where product lifecycles are abbreviated, the imperative for rapid transformation is underscored. This entails the agile creation of novel models, the incorporation of pioneering materials, and the mastery of innovative production techniques. At the core of this process lies our invaluable relationships with suppliers, which transcend transactional interactions to become true partnerships. Our cutting-edge equipment, coupled with a proficient team, forms the bedrock of our dynamic approach. From inception to fruition, our allegiance to innovation remains unwavering as we endeavor to meet the ever-evolving needs of our patrons with ingenuity and sustainability at the forefront.